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Children's Book Author Trisha Cousinea-Peiffer
Releases Second Book in Rainbow Series


Rainbow Farm Books shine a bright light over children's imaginations in this newest release in the Rainbow Farm Book series, The Missing Color Kittens.

The color kittens are missing and the kids have to find them. Come on in and help us find the missing color kittens. The old hide and seek with a new twist that helps children learn colors and animal sounds while playing the game.

"The Missing Color Kittens" is currently available at rainbow farm books, or

Coming soon to the series is the third Rainbow Farm Book: The Barnyard Bully, available in March of 2008.

Trisha Cousineau-Peiffer Cousineau works with illustrator Bonnie Everette Hawkes for this book series. When she is not working on her books, Cousineau-Peiffer works with her various farm animals and part time at her local post office. You can see a list of all of her books at

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Jeri Banks.


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